Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pollen-free? Not for me!!!

This blog post was written in response to Kim Flottum's CATCH THE BUZZ Email on 4/24/12:  There’s More To The Highly Filtered Honey Story.  Read more here:

I am shaking my head in wonder....  why would somebody want to "filter" the pollen out of honey?

People -- POLLEN is not an IMPURITY!

So I have to wonder - what is the point of filtering all the life-giving wonder out of the most amazing, special, magical, sacred food on the planet?  Have we become THAT disconnected to think that POLLEN is an unwanted thing in HONEY?

It's a bit like peeling a potato and eating only the starchy insides, throwing away the nutrient dense skin.  Well, isn't it?

Or... are the honey packers hiding something?  And if so, what?  Who would want honey that had been stripped of its signature nectar source or geographical origin?  Or are they just taking advantage of the fact that not enough of us are aware (yet) that honey can be so abused by processing, and made valueless (in the search for the almighty dollar,) and yet still be beautiful enough to be sold as honey?  Even though it's essentially *dead* at that point?

A jar full of glowing golden liquid, with light shining through it - is beautiful, yes - but if the honey has been processed to within an inch of its life, you can get the same effect by collecting pretty bottles and filling them with colored water.

A veritable rainbow...
Red, Orange, Yellow... Honey!
So without the pollen, where's the value in honey?  I mean, I guess we all used to want the perfect, round, red, unblemished apple... thinking it some sign of "new and improved", or "perfection" - or maybe we just hoped it would impress the teacher better...  But aren't we past that grade school mentality by now?

Don't we get it that nature is a little messier than that?  A little more "real"?  That it requires a little more of us - that it requires us to think, to understand, to actually be connected to it, to know that we are a PART of it?

And - pay attention, pollen allergy sufferers (like me) - there is no MEDICINE in the honey if there is no POLLEN in it.  Just as well put sugar in your tea for all the health benefit it provides... 

POLLEN is why, if you have pollen allergies, you want unprocessed honey from as local as you can get it... like for instance, your own backyard.

So if this makes sense to you - and if backyard beekeeping is something you've been wondering about - stop by to learn how you can become your own backyard beekeeper - and have REAL honey - pure, natural honey that is FREE of the chemicals that industrial beekeepers use in their hives, and FULL of the lovely pollen that is SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!

Pollen is what prevents honey from being a runny, crystal clear, amber colored, liquid sweetener - kind of like brown Splenda in a Squeezy Bear.  Get the real deal.  Because it matters.  Really, it does.

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